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Co- sponsored by The Huronia Unitarians and Transition Barrie

A guided discussion group that will challenge the prevailing worldview presented to us by media, our power elites and financial interests. The goal is to change consciousness which will enable more of us to begin the work that has been called the great turning or the great work.

Just prior to the enlightenment people obeyed the laws of the priests which served the ruling elites.  They began to question as the Bible became available via the printing press and a slow rumbling burst into the Enlightenment and Reformation. We are in a similar state at present building towards a new Enlightenment for the 21st Century, which will be some form of Earth Centered Community.  Transition Barrie and The Huronia Unitarians are pleased to be offerring a series of 8 guided discussion groups that we hope will increase the rumbling.  This group is underway at present but if you or friends are interested please contact to register for the spring session. 

For info or to register please contact Donna Halliday at

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