Transition Barrie is a volunteer, grass-roots initiative with the objective of helping Barrie prepare for the approaching challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. These challenges are not independent: Climate Change demands we slash our use of carbon-based energy sources and Peak Oil means we will have to confront a shrinking supply of petroleum with escalating prices and the attendant likelihood of economic shocks in the near future. The response to both of these issues is the same in that we must dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which means transitioning to a much less energy-intensive economy (“energy descent”).

As of February 2, 2010 Transition Barrie joined the official worldwide Transition Network. The Transition Barrie initiative is a group of concerned and active Barrie and area residents who have come together with the shared vision of building resilience and sustainability into our communities in response to the challenges of peak oil, accelerating climate change, and global economic instability.

Our model, and the model of all Transition Towns, is The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins, which not only explains the challenges we face, but provides a blueprint for creating a richer, more vibrant community through the re-localization of all the services and resources that we need to survive and thrive in a world of depleting fossil fuels, global warming, and increasing instability in the world economy.

Transition Barrie took root in Spring 2009 when Ruth Blaicher connected with a handful of like-minded people who attended an environmental awareness raising event called, “Awakening the Dreamer”, at the Barrie Library. Ruth informed many of us about the Transition Movement and initiated an open meeting to discuss the Transition concept and gauge community interest. Out of that initial meeting, a steering committee was formed and efforts to bring the Transition movement to Barrie were underway.

It is important to note that the Transition Movement is not a top-down model where we intend to tell you what you should do. The key concept of Transition is that of ordinary citizens taking action towards positive change, and these efforts are shaped and guided by all who are able to participate, in whatever capacity they can. We seek to create new models of grassroots transformation to ensure a better future for our community in the face of the economic and environmental challenges before us.

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